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We are true musicians.
 We compose, we perform, we conduct, and we turn your vision into sound.

  • Steve Patuta

    • 1986-1995
    • Graduate studies in composition at Secondary Special School for Music Education „Georg-Friedrich-Händel“ in Berlin
    • 1996
    • Founder member of Film Production Company „Nine O´Clock Pictures“
    • 2001-2009
    • Composer for TV Commercials and Corporate Films at „Audioforce“ Berlin
    • since 2009
    • Founder Member of „Nine O´Clock Music“

    Work (Selection)

    TV Ads

    Audi, Sparkasse, Saturn, Bitburger, Mercedes, Apollo, Bauer,

    Mc Donalds, BMW, Coca Cola, Mastercard, Vodafone, Renault


    ADC Bronze Nail for Sounddesign

    „Cinemaxx Maxximum Sound“

    ADC Golden Nail for TV Ad „Hornbach Herz“ ,

    Bronze Nail for Music

    ADC Award for „Mercedes Opera“

    London Int. & New York Festival Awards for

    „Audi A4 Robbery“

    ADC Award & Clio „Saturn Evolution“

    Cannes Silver Lion for „Berliner Zeitung“

    VDW Awards and German Radio Awards


    „Der internationale Wettbewerb“

    „Buckelbeat Harlequins“

    „The Rockboys“

    „Gruppe Pegel“


    „American Showdown“, „Jetzt erst Recht“, „Beyond“, „The Child“,

    „Eine Insel Namens Udo“, „This ain´t California“

  • Steven Schwalbe

    • 2000-2004
    • Studies in composition at the „University of the Arts“ Bremen
    • 2000-2007
    • Postgraduate studies in Filmmusic/Soundddesign at „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg“ in Ludwigsburg
    • 2007-2010
    • Composer at „Audioforce“ in Berlin
    • Since 2011 Member of „Nine O´Clock Music“

    Work (Selection)

    Filmography (Selection)

    2007 Bukarest Fleisch (D: Andy Fetscher)

    2011 Urban Explorer(Papermoon Films/ D: Andy Fetscher)

    2011 Über uns das All (D: Markus Sehr)

    2011 Eine Insel namens Udo (Pandora Filmproduktion/D: Jan Schomburg)

    2012 The Child (Braindogs Entertainment/D: Zsolt Bács)

    2012 Blonder als die Polizei erlaubt (with Chris Bremus/ndF/D: Sophie Allet-Coche)

    2012 Baron Münchhausen (with Chris Bremus/Teamworx/D: Andreas Linke)

    2013 Lauf Junge Lauf (Additional Music/Bittersuess Pictures/D: Pepe Danquart )

    2013-14 Notruf Hafenkante (with Michael Soltau/Studio Hamburg)

    2014 Vergiss mein Ich (Pandora Filmproduktion/D: Jan Schomburg)

  • Kahlil Feegel

    • 2003-2005
    • Studies in audio engineering and producing at S.A.E. Hamburg
    • 2003-2004
    • Studio assistance at „House Of Music Entertainment“ Studios in Hamburg
    • 2005-2007
    • Composer and Producer at „Audioforce GmbH“, Berlin
    • 2007-2009
    • Freelancing Composer for “Ueberschall Sample Service”, “Yessian” , “White Horse Music” and other music companies
    • since 2009
    • Founder member of „Nine O´Clock Music“ – composer/producer for music production, TV Ads 

    Work (Selection)

    TV Ads

    BMW, Audi, Saturn, Bitburger, Sky, Bauer, Euronics, Ford, Vodafone,

    McDonalds, Microsoft, Warsteiner, E-Trade


    2003 Kaleel & CSP – KABOOM (Album)
    2005 Kaleel & CSP – 2000Fist EP
    2005 Kaleel & CSP – Vorsicht! auf Hamburg Lädt
    2006 DJ Hightime – Kopfnicker 2 EP
    2006 Kaleel & CSP – Fremd im eigenen Land
    2006 Kaleel & CSP – Lost@Web EP
    2007 Pure Kaozz – Berlin Bullets
    2008 Pure Kaozz – Pure Fire
    2009 Donato – Smackdown (Brainstorming EP)
    2009 Church of Synth – The Church of Synth
    2010 Inuk – Original Soundtrack
    2010 Hakkiki Rolex – Hakkiki Rolex EP
    2011 Kaleel – Hol Die Kanne Raus (Kriegerin OST)
    2011 Kim Gloss – Rockstar EP Pure Kaozz RMX
    2011 Kim Gloss – Crispy (Album)
    2011 Miss A – Love Alone (A Class)
    2011 Der 12. Mann – Ganz nach Oben

    2011 Oliver Koletzki – Hypnotized Remix (Großstadtmärchen)
    2011 Melloy – Jetzt und Hier EP
    2011 Die Atzen – Schick Deine Butter (Partychaos)
    2013 Das Kind/The Child – Original Soundtrack


    „ Der Fotograph“ , Eine Insel namens Udo“, „Beyond“, „The Child“,

    Combat Girl“, „Inuk“, „Bending the Rules“